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TMDAmerica The Marketing Department America services:

Complete marketing programs including:

9 Step Marketing plans

Niche clientele definition

Facebook copy and postings

Word press sites, blogs and maintenance

Autoresponder set-ups and maintenance

Business cards




Ad Copy for print publications

Email marketing campaigns

New! TLS Translations
English to Spanish & Spanish to English translation services

Elevator script writing

Hi, I’m Carmen with TMD America, that’s “The marketing department America”
Isn’t it frustrating when you first get into business to figure out how to get new clients and develop relationships with them so they are ready to buy your product or service?
My company takes care of all that. We have a tried and true system to get new clients fast, make more sales than you every thought possible and take our clients businesses to the next level! $48,
Just recently one of our clients achieved their target of 100 new clients in a 6 month period of time achieving an increase to their income stream of $48,000 per year at a cost of sale of $4800. If you’d like to know their ROI and how we did it, I’d love to tell you about it.

Cajon classic cruise!

Project summary:
Solicit auto related repair and supply shops to advertise on the site.
Offer initial advertising for free.
Show how to get more hits on the site?
Plan to sell the site/ or let students work it for a while to see how to develop their own.

The Directory

strategic-alliance-seminars-san diego

The Program Works


everybody wins!

Elevator script writing

From our experience, the most popular and successful seminar presenters put on super high quality FREE or very affordable with “great take-away” information. This gives the audiences the opportunity to meet the presenters one-on-one in an “informational”, non sales environment. In addition to promoting their workshop, courses, webinars or other “Next step” programs, presenters can promote other presenters and referral sources.

How BizCenters helps Seminar Presenters

  • Email blast to our opt-in database
  • Presentation review as needed
  • Coordinate assistance with Strategic Alliances referrals
  • Combine databases with other presenters to fill seminar seats
  • Coordinate Email marketing campaigns (see details on web site)
  • Coordinate Network meeting “call to action” flier
  • Venue coordination (live or in webinar format)
  • Fees are based on your success

Don’t ignore this opportunity to grow your business. If the best marketers are doing this, why aren’t you? Get more information on how we can help you set up and grow your business today!

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