The state and repair of American Entrepreneurship

The lack of entrepreneurship stimulation, courses and classes are not due to the failure of universities.  University policies are a reflection of the mindset and direction of the general populace which in turn are reflected in the directions of their boards.

What does that mean? It means that this populace is so hung up on bottom line results that it no longer produces what is needed to offer college courses in entrepreneurship. That is; a clientele capable of needing it, a clientele capable of demanding it, and a clientele capable of using it. If the return was there, the colleges would be offering it.

It’s not up to the universities to bring back American entrepreneurship, it’s up to us! The great thing about it is that it’s easy to do and it could happen in a really short period of time. Here’s how. We need to do a simple mental re-boot of our core values that relate to American entrepreneurship. Note; some of us may need to do it every day for a while until it becomes natural again.

Here is an example of one component we have lost that is easy to explain and easy to fix.  We have quite simply not allowed ourselves permission, the option, the support, even the celebration to fail!  Entrepreneurship is not as much creativity as it is creativity with perseverance! Remember? We put so much pressure on deadlines, winning and the bottom line that we’re missing the most important parts, the journey, the race, the vision, and the dreams! We’ve stifled the internal drive to get up and do it again and again and again and not give up. We’ve pressured “final results” so much that we’ve buried or re-directed the will to try other things. Unfortunate result include that we have diluted the sensation of achievement, acknowledgement and gratification.  We need those back.

The fix for this one is easy! We simply need to give ourselves permission to fail, to screw up, and to take longer than we wanted to finish. We need to allow ourselves the time and the opportunity to look behind other doors! Does this mean that we do not meet our agreements, of course not!  Does this mean that we don’t try to be first and to win? Of course not! We just need to re-boot the way we look at each of those, that’s all. How long will all that take? How long will it take you?

What else to do? Read, relate, listen, revel, rally, and push our limits. It’s all easy. It’s all within our grasp. It’s all in our control and it’s all up to us.  American entrepreneurship is not dead, it’s simmering just below the surface in each of us, WE just need to let it out again.