Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the main business marketing solutions for the new economy. Social interactive marketing has strengthened branding, secured greater market share and increased bottom line sales. This is done by reducing or eliminating business owner and marketer hype and putting more control in the hands of the consumer.
Social Media forms of marketing and advertising have changed the way we do marketing. You no longer repetitively blast the consumer with product information, flashy in-your-face-ads, and screaming announcers. SMM establishes interaction with consumers and customers by strategically calling attention to products or services. SMM provides consumers with as little or as much product information as the customer wishes. SMM establishes an interactive forum for customers to share their experience with your product or services with the ultimate result of reduced cost of sales, significant increases in consumer loyalty and measurable increases in bottom line sales.

As it is with office space, phone books, and newspapers, the old ways are not dead, they are just dying. The new solutions are establishing their place as the dominate forms of marketing because they meet the consumer’s increasing demand for instant access, increased demand for information and product knowledge, and increased demand for supplier and manufacturer confidence. The adage that customers want to do business with people they know, like and trust has not changed, it has simply taken on a new delivery system.

Our marketing team works with customers to determine their market objectives and integrate Social Media into their marketing program. The idea is to build upon the strengths and marketing efforts you already have in place and make them stronger using the power of social media. We us a unique development process to determine which methods to concentrate on for your business objectives.


  • Help you set up your social media sites.
  • Show you how to monitor and maintain your social media sites yourself.
  • Set up a program to maintain and monitor your social media sites for you.
  • Getting started
  • One-on-one social media consultation in person or by phone. In this session we will determine which social media formats would provide value to your marketing and advertising program. There is no fee for this initial consultation
  • Understanding more about Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is initiated on social media web sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, blogs, and relies on the premise that a marketing message, packaged in exceptionally good, outrageous or unique content, in the form of video, text, audio or widgets, can be virally distributed throughout the social web to invite people to interact and to share it with other people.

Unlike Word of Mouth Marketing, where the primary goal is to target referral sources to spread the message online and offline, social media marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on connecting directly with the target communities, engaging them, generating interest, interacting and stimulating discussion online.  All to keep your business and you at the forefront of their attention.

Social Media Sites

Social media is complementing, replicating and replacing traditional search engines. A social media campaign is more than a link building or a low cost viral marketing method. When it is well planned with content that is prepared for a target audience, a message that engages them, and integrated with traditional online marketing, it gives it the strength and acceleration it needs to spread virally throughout the social web.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media marketing campaigns provide businesses with new ways of online marketing that no longer relies primarily on traditional online advertising with large budgets, such as banner ad campaigns and paid search advertising, to build brand-awareness and drive web site traffic. The main benefits of a social media marketing campaign are:

Increased Brand Awareness

A social media marketing campaign creates brand visibility and builds brand-awareness from viral messages that travel throughout the social web. Whether from content that virally travels or from active participation in the target communities, using either helps establishing a brands power of authority and online reputation.

More Web Site Traffic and Links

Social media marketing campaigns generate links and web site traffic from profile pages at social media web sites, web widgets, social network applications and content that travels virally throughout social media news and bookmarking web sites. More links result in higher rankings of web pages in the organic search results at Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Improved Customer Relationships

Social media marketing – through social networking profiles, blogs, podcasts, wiki’s, forums and other social media tools – can improve customer relationships and user engagement. They are accomplished by developing a deeper, two-way communications channel with the customer base, wherein the business can take part in the discussions, receive feedback and build trust.

Social Media Marketing Services

TMDSSM develops social media marketing campaigns for clients with the aim of building brand awareness, driving customer engagement, improving customer service, generating online buzz and boosting organic search engine rankings and web site traffic. Our social media marketing service helps clients with engaging directly with their customers by leveraging social media and understanding how social media relates to their business and existing online marketing campaigns.

By employing our knowledge and expertise with a large variety of online marketing tactics and leveraging our proven campaign management practices we can provide our clients with an opportunity to combine social media, organic search engine optimization (SEO), PPC search and targeted online display advertising in one integrated campaign from a single digital marketing agency.

Strategy Development

Our social media, SEO and online advertising experts will identify the clients’ goals and objectives, target audience, content and messaging and social media mix. They focus on those tactics with the greatest potential for generating web site traffic and visual brand exposure and build practical campaigns with maximum user engagement at the lowest risk.

Goals and Objectives

Setting the campaign goals and objectives is one of the most important exercises we engage the client in before a social media placement campaign can start. The campaign goals and objectives allow the client to determine the scope, budget and ROI of the campaign before execution so that campaign results can be tracked and measured when it gets undrway.

Target Audience

Knowing the target audience and how to reach them via social media is one of the most important aspects of planning a social media marketing campaign. TMDSSM researches the social web to find out where the clients’ target audiences and influencers are active online, where their social networks are, what kind of conversations and content they have.

Strategic Messaging

When the target audience has been defined we create the messaging and content that has the greatest potential for the client’s social media engagement. We will work with the clients’ brand assets or develop content from scratch.

Content Creation and Distribution

Our social media marketing and branding experts focus on creating and optimizing dynamic interactive social media campaign content and implementation of all campaign components and initiatives, which may include: Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn Profile, MySpace Page, Flickr Photostream, Facebook Connect applications, Facebook and Open Social Applications.

Integration with Tradition Online Marketing

Regardless of the clients’ product or service, a social media campaign can and should be an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. It needs to be accelerated through traditional online marketing tactics such as search and online display advertising. As part of our full-service Internet marketing program TMDSSM will coordinate and integrate social media marketing campaigns with traditional online marketing.

Campaign Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting

Monitoring, measuring and understanding the results of the social media marketing campaign initiatives requires tools that go beyond basic Web site analytics that measure traffic and page views. To get in-depth, comprehensive information and insight about what is happening within the clients’ social media ecosystem we use special social media marketing analytics tools that are concerned with tracking conversations, online buzz and measure the full potential and extend of the various tactics used in a social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Campaign Management and Support

Through our integrated campaign management services TMDSSM will manage and maintain the social media marketing effort and coordinate the activities with traditional online marketing campaigns, such as search engine marketing, email marketing and online display advertising, where we measure and analyze the results and then re-optimize to achieve maximum campaign ROI.

Ongoing management and support may include community management, the daily social network profile management tasks such as moderating comments and engaging visitors, functional and visual design updates across the various social media networks such as Facebook (Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups, Facebook Fan Page), Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogger outreach and continued participation in news media and bookmarking web sites in addition to the management of social media network advertising campaigns.

Social Media Consulting Services

TMDSSM offers expert consulting services covering social media campaign strategy, defining the optimum social media marketing mix and integration with existing traditional online marketing tactics. Our social media consultants will identify the clients’ goals and objectives, research and analyze the target audiences and provide actionable recommendations for the planning and execution of a social media marketing campaign.