Social Media Marketing Sample

This is a sample of working with an associate to promote their business and yours. To do this, send your database something of interest and potential benefit. Send it Via Email, Facebook, or other social media. At the end, remind them of your product or service.

Notes: The objective is to build your database and communicate with your existing data base. Get the Email addresses of people you meet and send them a note ASAP. You can be as creative as you want but I recommend you work with others to promote YOU! Here is an example using something I am doing. Please do send this out, but I suggest you start working with others as well to help promote them so they will promote you. By using this technique, you are not “pitching” your new contacts or database directly, you are providing some information of interest and at the same time, reminding them about you. Please follow the directions below. Call if you have any questions. Lee 619 933 5738

Please put this in the Email title bar then cut and paste the message below into the Email
From (enter your name), great to meet you today or…
From (enter your name), take a look at what a friend of mine is doing!

Hi , I wanted to let you know about a win win project a friend has introduced. Please help me spread the word about this great program to support our troops and make a few bucks at the same time!

Support Home Front San Diego, make a few bucks for yourself and help a small business!

Help us provide donations to Home Front San Diego, make a few bucks for yourself, and provide affordable office space for small business people that want an affordable San Diego business address with phone service and office use!

We have room for only 50 new clients over the next 30 days, so copy and paste this to everyone you know fast!

Here is how it works!

If you are the person that directly introduces the center to a client you get $50 and $50 goes to Home Front San Diego. Whoever invited you will receive $25 and $25 will go to Home Front San Diego. Whoever invited them will receive $12.50 and $12.50 will go to Home Front San Diego. Everybody wins!

The client gets a special incentive of one month free rent with payment of the 1st month’s rent and a one year agreement!

Please cut and paste this message to everyone you can! Here is the information about the Business Center Please call Lee Mench at 619 401 4000 with any questions or Email Lee at Thanks for your support and participation!

Thanks again, And please remember, if you know of anyone who needs help with (enter your service or product information) please ask if I can give them a call.

(Enter your contact information)