The new driver and the Zen of Business knowledge

I remember a sales coach who shared his experience of learning to drive a car. He said his Dad had given him lessons as he was growing up and for a while after he got his learner’s permit. Then he had to take the state’s driver’s ed course to be able to get his license. Shortly after he finished the course he was driving with his Dad who was driving in the fast lane while other cars we passing him on the right. My sales coach suggested to his Dad that he move to the right because it was a rule. His Dad shot back that he’d been driving for 40 years and didn’t need any instructions from a teenager. It was at that time that my coach realized that he knew more about the updated rules of the road than his father did. He further realized that being set in your ways, not listening to new ideas and methods could cause you problems in your driving, your business and your life. 
How has being receptive to new ideas worked for you? Tell us!


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