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Office Solutions for the New Economy

East County Biz CenterBiz Centers Management Group converts vacant office building space into productive profit centers. Owners generate more rent revenue and establish long term, stable income.

Business is evolving. The demand for “larger” lease space has continued to decline. Business owners are eliminating staff and overhead expenses by outsourcing and minimizing office expenditures. We take advantage of this market switch.

My preferred niche is office buildings and office space in the suburbs. To create a “Center” or “hub” it is best to have (6-20K sq ft).

We have a program to work with smaller spaces in existing multi-tenant buildings. As long as there are 3 or more offices in a suite, we have a program where we rent them out separately for more than the combined space would bring from one tenant.

We work with owners to eliminate vacancy and increase income from their building. We do this by creating stable, long term business/tenants.

Our East County Biz Center in El Cajon, CA is full with a waiting list to get in!

La Mesa BIz Center 7317 El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa, CA is a building that had been vacant for over 3 years and is now FULL!

Creating affordable office solutions with reception and telephone services is the base product. What separates our Centers from the rest is our internal marketing system for our clients. Incorporating our business directory and referral system with out tenants keeps them profitable and content. With this intervention, most of our tenants’ overhead is covered the from referrals they get from other tenants or from resources generated through the building(s).

Our model works anywhere in the US where there is vacant suburban office space. See how to maximize your property’s potential. Call us today at (619) 933-5738.


  • Executive Suite/ Business Center development
  • Small business marketing
  • Project development and management
  • Internet marketing
  • Office leasing
  • Real Estate Investing

Contact me personally to coordinate a meeting or phone conference. 619 933 5738

Lee Mench